How to maintain panel furniture correctly?

2021-12-04 10:31:20 taihua

Panel furniture has always become the mainstream of modern home life due to its simplicity, modernity, rich colors, flexibility and compactness. Compared with the expensive and limited style of solid wood furniture, in the era of advocating a low-carbon future, panel furniture is reasonable for wood. Utilization and its environmental protection seem to be more acceptable to the public.

Here are a few simple and easy methods for the maintenance of panel furniture in daily life:

  1. The floor where the panel furniture is placed must be kept flat, and the four legs should be on the ground in a balanced manner.

  2. When cleaning furniture, use a soft implement such as a feather duster to clean the dust, and then gently wipe it with a wrung out wet towel or soft cloth to avoid scratching surfaces of the furniture. If the surface of furniture is stained with special stains such as ink, ink, tape marks, etc., it is best to go to the store to buy a professional furniture cleaner to clean it.

  3. Do not drag panel furniture. When small pieces of furniture need to be moved, the four corners must be lifted forcefully at the same time to avoid dragging them on the ground, so as not to affect the service life of the furniture. It is best to ask professional companies for help for large pieces of furniture.

  4. Regularly inspect the furniture connectors and reinforce them in time if they are loose.

  5. Panel furniture is more susceptible to moisture. It is necessary to keep the room ventilated and dry frequently to prevent the furniture from being damp and deformed. Avoid exposing the furniture to the sun.

  6. Drawers, doors and other parts should be opened and closed gently. Avoid excessive force and damage caused by collisions.

  7. If the board furniture has scratches or bruises, if the area is not large, it can be repaired with repair crayons of similar colors and then sprayed with PU finish paint.

The maintenance of panel furniture requires perseverance. As the season changes, the dryness and humidity of the air will cause the deformation and cracking of the panel furniture, which will affect the use and beauty. Therefore, the proper maintenance of panel furniture is also an essential common sense for household life!