Vietnam Launched an Anti-dumping Investigation on Chinese-made Tables and Chairs

2021-10-18 10:44:03 taihua

Recently, there have been constant anti-dumping incidents in the furniture industry. Not long ago, the United States made anti-dumping rulings on mattresses from 7 countries including China, Vietnam, and Thailand, with the highest anti-dumping duty rate reaching 763.28%; Canada will impose 188% and 179.5% on upholstered furniture imported from China and Vietnam, respectively. Anti-dumping duties.

Upholstered furniture seems to have become the hardest hit area for anti-dumping duties, but it doesn't stop there. On September 1, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam decided to conduct an anti-dumping investigation on table and chair products from China and Malaysia!

Tables and chairs in anti-dumping investigations in Vietnam

On September 1, 2021, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam issued Resolution No. 2091/QD-BCT to initiate an anti-dumping investigation on tables, chairs and accessories originating in China and Malaysia. The investigation period is from July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021, and the damage investigation period is from July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2021.

It is understood that the Vietnamese companies Xuan Hoa Viet Nam Joint Stock Company and Hoa Phat Furniture Joint Stock Company filed this anti-dumping investigation. These two companies applied to impose 32.40% and 24.90% anti-dumping duties on some tables and chairs from Malaysia. , Levying anti-dumping duties of 35.20% and 21.40% on some tables and chairs from China.

The Vietnamese tax codes of the products involved in this anti-dumping investigation are:

9401.30.00, 9401.40.00, 9401.61.00, 9401.69.90, 9401.71.00, 9401.79.90, 9401.80.00, 9401.90.40, 9401.90.92, 9401.90.99, 9403.30.00, 9403.60.90 and 9403.90. 90.

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