The Development Trend of the Furniture Industry in the Next 5-10 Years

2021-05-04 14:03:00 taihua

In the next 5 to 10 years, the furniture industry will usher in a second period of rapid development. In the new stage of industrial development, the competition in the furniture industry will become more and more fierce, and the industry will inevitably undergo large-scale industry integration. Most of the companies will eventually be eliminated, and a small number of outstanding companies will rely on brand, service, quality, etc. to stand out in the industry.


Under the epidemic situation, leading companies have strong ability to resist, and the industry is concentrated in the upward channel. As a state-owned enterprise in the furniture industry, Tiantan Furniture's operating performance in 2020 has exceeded expectations. Looking at the commonality of industry giants, Tiantan Furniture has summarized the future development trend of the furniture industry:

First of all, we must pay attention to "branding". Consumers' concept of furniture consumption gradually shifts from quantity to quality. The brand era of furniture consumption is coming, and consumers pay more attention to the quality and service of consumption. In recent years, the phenomenon of three generations living in the same house has gradually evolved to a small family model of 2-3 people. The proportion of small apartment houses is expected to further increase in the future, and small apartment types need to increase space utilization due to their smaller space. "Customization" is expected to promote a new outbreak of the furniture market in the future.

According to the survey data of the "White Paper on Green Competitiveness of Chinese Home Furnishings", 97.76% of consumers will consider environmental protection issues when purchasing furniture products. "Environmental protection" has always been the common pursuit of enterprises and customers, and the environmental awareness of big brands will become the whole The weather vane of the furniture market. Under the strategic layout of wholeheartedly building the whole industrial chain of green home furnishings, Tiantan Furniture has achieved green factories, green products, green parks, and green supply chains, which are favored by consumers. The last is "intelligence". People's attention to the field of green health will inevitably lead to the rapid advancement of technological innovation and intelligent manufacturing. Tiantan Furniture is now using intelligent manufacturing to empower green development, and has embarked on a healthy development path of transformation and upgrading.

From the perspective of the development cycle of the industry, the furniture industry has entered the reshuffle stage. This is a turbulent era, full of various uncertainties, but such an era is often brewing new opportunities, and only those who have the courage to self-innovate Only enterprises can get a share of the furniture industry in the second half.