Taihua Home Industry 4.0 Design and Production Integration Project Delivery Ceremony Held Successfully in Hangzhou

2021-05-04 14:09:15 taihua

On August 23,2018, Taihua Home Industry 4.0 Design and Production Integration Project Delivery Ceremony, jointly organized by Taihua Home, HOMAG and Kujiale was successfully held at Taihua Home Hangzhou headquarters. Taihua Home will formally open up the whole process from design to sales to production, and the product coverage has reached 100%. The efficient and successful implementation of the project helps Taiahu Home to enter a new era of intelligent manufacturing.

In the morning, Shao Qi, general manager of Dake Stock(Parent Company of Taihua Home), Li Jianqing, general manager of Taihua Home, Yang Chuangang, general manager of Taihua Home Information Department, Guan Jingtao, general manager of HOMAG Software Department, Chen Xiaodong, sales manager of HOMAG East China, and vice president of Kujiale Full House Customization Leaders such as Wu Kailiang and Kujiale Senior Technical Manager Zhong Ren attended the delivery ceremony.


Image from HOMAG China official website: www.homagchinagf.com

In November 2018, Taihua Home and HOMAG & Kujiale reached a strategic cooperation to jointly promote the implementation of integrated design and production projects. The three parties took the common vision of promoting Taihua Home to build a digital design, operation, production, and manufacturing system, and to improve customization efficiency and industry informatization level. It took only 10 months to formally complete the first important milestone of Taihua Home informatization construction.

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